What You Say?

As believers or individuals period, we often pray for God to change our spiritual climates.  We may have asked Him to remove despair or the spirit of heaviness.  We can shift atmospheres with the creative power of words.  The power of life and death is in our tongues. (Proverb 18:21) We can decree a thing with God’s word in faith and things are set in motion.   Heaven’s culture or atmosphere invades the realm of earth as it is in heaven so shall it be in the earth.  Acceleration takes place in the spiritual realm and heaven makes haste to aid us. (Psalms 38:22)

I felt inspired to invite others to join me in a “fasting challenge from critical words”.  If death and life is in the power of words then you and I have the ability to shift atmospheres with our choice of words.  We can create and change spiritual climates.  Wow! Does the forecast call for son-shine?  The Son of God, Jesus Himself desires to shine forth through our words.  Let us speak His words after Him.  In the mid-eighties my girlfriend Janice and I agreed to make a pact with each other to go one week without expressing critical words about other people, places or things.  We thought in the beginning, ”too easy!”  Then on day one, we soon realized that it wasn’t so easy after all.  It seemed as though everything that could be negative was visible before us.  It could have been that things were no different than before, but because we had purposed to focus only on the good, we ourselves were different.  We were different in how we focused and we had an intentionality of being non-critical.  We prayed and asked God to help us in our seven-day venture.  Things we had grown accustomed to saying and making light of had to be re-examined and rethought.

Needless to say, it required more effort on our parts.  When we failed to be noncritical, we brought it to the other’s attention and encouraged each other and ourselves to keep it moving. Our focus and perspective of others began to alter in a positive way.  We found ourselves becoming more patient with others and clearer in hearing the Father’s heart toward those in our family and other settings.  We became sharper in the spiritual gifts in interceding for others.  

After a week of our word fast from negative expressions, we decided to extend this exercise.  At instances where the truth would demand describing some unlovable situation, we chose to be silent or just acknowledge the situation for what it was and frame our words to agree with Heaven.  We had to be intentional of course.  I would recommend finding someone that will be truthful with you as you both would have to be accountable to one another.  Spouses, friends, co-workers or fellow parishioners can join in this fast.  When dealing with situations that are vexing, you may choose to pray for those cases and deliberately show acts of kindness.  It may be that you may have to remove yourself temporarily from some things after praying about the matter.  However, try using the authority of words to bring change.  Some words are formed through melodies.  It is hard to sing and be angry simultaneously.   Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. (Matt. 12:34) Speak those things that be not as though they were. (Romans 4:17).  Say a thing…. Decree a thing…..Command a thing!

Make it a habit to seek the good.  Say the good. Let that habit create a culture.  Let the culture be one of honor.  Let the contemporary Jonah’s speak to the Nineveh’s.  Can any good thing come out of your city?  When was the last time you spoke of your city noncritically? It is difficult to bless a place that you don’t like.  Ask our Father in heaven to give you a heart for your city and nation.  Let us make our words establish His rule and reign in the earth.  Will you join me in this fast from speaking negative and critical words?  Let’s do this in the power of His might.

Come thy Kingdom in the earth as it is in heaven!!!

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