T’is the Season to be Joyous!

We just celebrated a time of Thanksgiving a month ago and here is Christmas. I received a Word of knowledge from the Lord some weeks ago to encourage myself as well as others to be festive and joyous in this season. In other words, bring on the merry intentionally. For those that doesn’t know what is meant by a word of knowledge, it is having a very strong impression. Since receiving this word, I was faced with discouraging news concerning family and friends and that made it hard to obey being joyful.

I thought to myself, I know God is all knowing, and he knew these things would happen in my nation, my community as well as my family and yet He wants me to be joyful. There are those of us who has experienced grief, anxiety and uncertainties; so, joy is the last thing on our mind. Then I was reminded that the Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Paul had faced imprisonment, beatings and all kind of adversities that most people would fold under. Paul was one who trusted God to take care of him in the best way possible. Yet he said “in” everything not “for” all things. He practiced a life of thanksgiving daily. He partook in a faith that allowed him to rejoice always and to give thanks in everything.

Fast forward, three weeks after hearing this word rejoice, I found myself ministering to loved ones and traveling to where they are, to be with them and to encourage them. Sometimes we must make sacrifices for others to experience joy. In our weaknesses are we made strong. I was reminded to be grateful and immediately. So, I began giving thanks for as much as I could remember. My atmosphere began to shift. My faith began to rise, and my mind was renewed. Although all my circumstances did not change, my perception about facing them did. I no longer felt overwhelmed, nor did I continue focusing on the things I could not change. If you and I would purpose to bring joy to someone else, it may surprise us at the difference we would make. It is the season of sharing and gift giving. Why not give joy. It won’t cost you anything.

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