Led or Driven?

October 19, 2017

   This morning I woke up feeling rushed and a bit anxious.  This was the day that I said finally, I can get caught up on personal chores.  I could work at my own paste without having to meet specific deadlines.  My goal was to finish domestic chores and then soak in devotion.   My morning began at two o’clock and my husband had requested prayer with covenant partners to meet at four-thirty this morning.  As we all waited in Holy Spirit’s presence for direction, Holy Spirit begin to impress upon most of our hearts similar messages.  We knew we had tapped into the vein of what He was speaking.  Liberty and freedom was being echoed in our meeting.

Anxiety vanished as Holy Spirit began to free us from stress and bring us a supernatural peace.  I remembered a very important lesson that I “caught” while being “taught” by one of God’s apostolic generals.  The saying goes, “The enemy drives but Holy Spirit leads.” Now when I feel rushed or anxious, I pause and evaluate my emotions.  I ask myself am I being gently led by Holy Spirit or am I being driven by the enemy or my own human emotions?  Being driven is like being at a place where the sales person is trying to offer you a deal that has a deadline and that is the last one.  Then you figure out later that his sales pitch is used on every customer.  Another example would be if we are witnessing to someone about receiving Christ in their life and we approach them like a sales person instead of going to them in genuine concern for them. We should be presenting and expressing the love of the Father and not keeping score of how many persons we’ve told about Christ.  Since the kingdom of God is also in observation, they will see His love in our lives if our words don’t reach them.

I have made fewer mistakes and faced less disappointment not moving when I felt rushed than when I am driven.  In the words of the Philippians writer in chapter 4 and verses 6 and 7, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;  and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.  NKJV

Thus, my priority for the day began with prayer and soaking with personal devotion, corporate scheduled prayer and then everything else followed suit.  The devotion ushered in the peace of God that is mentioned in the preceding scripture. Then anxiety left and I was able to command my day in accordance to Job 38:12.  After getting His mind and heart, I spake the words that my God had already spoken over my day. Seek first his heart (the kingdom) and all else will be added unto you.



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